Why Buy Commercial Grade Network Equipment?

When buying equipment necessary to set up your own private network, you will come across different types of routers, cables and switches. Furthermore, you will see quite a distinction between consumer grade and commercial grade equipment, even though features may be quite similar in certain models. As a consumer who is wary about spending his or her money in the best way, you might want to know what extras commercial grade equipment offers over standard equipment suited for home use. After all, the former type generally commands a higher price point, and you might be running close to your budgetary limits when you want to upgrade.If any of the following features are attractive to you, paying more for a commercial grade 4G wireless router and Ethernet cables will be worth it. Otherwise, you can safely use consumer grade equipment for the same purpose, bearing in mind that you may run into limitations a lot sooner than usual.

Higher Number of Supported Connections

When we talk about routers, you can see that most consumer grade models offer four or less available ports to connect computers. There is also a certain limit on the number of wireless connections supported. After this limit is reached, you will notice a network bottleneck or decrease in speed, which may make the connection unusable. Commercial grade routers usually support a lot more connections without throttling, which is important for large scale businesses and corporations, where several users may be using the network at the same time.

Stronger Security Features

Common features that commercial routers include are data encryption, access to VPN, virtual LANs, multiple SSIDs, malware protection and even built-in antivirus. Some of these features are redundant to a home user, yet vital for the correct operation of a commercial network, where protecting data is of utmost importance. If you deal with a lot of sensitive information (and you probably do if you are operating a private network in a company), you will find all of these features to be useful in the long term, thereby reducing the need to acquire other pieces of hardware or expensive software suites. Looking for an advanced and faster connectivity you can visit this page in more details.

High Stability and Durability

Commercial grade equipment is designed in such a way that it can withstand constant usage (such as continuous 24/7 operation) and even tolerate a wide range of external conditions. Electronic equipment is quite delicate, meaning that they can get damaged quite easily with small changes in humidity and temperature. Due to this, a commercial grade 4G LTE VPN router and accompanying cables will have a rugged construction, allowing them to last for a long period of time even under severe strain.

High Speeds and Wider Range

You will find that consumer grade equipment has a certain range when it comes to wireless connections. You will also find it hard to excess speeds of 300 Mbps. Commercial grade equipment, on the other hand, supports higher speeds in the order Gbps while also allowing a wide range for wireless communication.